Vince McMahon Responds To Sickening Allegations In New Lawsuit

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is under the microscope once again as new allegations relating to sexual assault have been made against him in a lawsuit.

Trigger Warning – This article contains descriptions of serious sexual assault.

Vince McMahon was forced to retire from WWE in July 2022 after it emerged he had paid “hush money” to a former WWE employee he was involved in a sexual relationship with. After the initial publicity surrounding the situation faded away, McMahon used his position as majority shareholder of WWE to force his way back into power as Executive Chairman.

The WWE Board of Directors – which included Nick Khan, Paul Levesque [Triple H], and Stephanie McMahon – unanimously voted to keep McMahon out of the company but yet acquiesced in a vote when it became clear he was ready to use any means to regain his role. Stephanie McMahon resigned as Chairwoman of WWE after her father was reinstated.

The takeover of WWE by Endeavor was completed in September 2023 with McMahon being made Executive Chairman of the newly-formed TKO Group. Many thought the takeover would solidify McMahon’s grip on WWE but in reality, he has been sidelined in terms of power with Khan running the business and Levesque running the wrestling operations.

Vince McMahon Facing Lurid Claims In Lawsuit

Now Vince McMahon is facing another fight as the former employee at the heart of the “hush money” allegations has launched a lawsuit against McMahon detailing serious alleged sexual assault and sex trafficking.

The lawsuit brought by Janel Grant describes an alleged sexual assault during the workday:

In the middle of another workday, on June 23, 2021, McMahon locked Grant inside his private locker room at WWE’s offices and forced himself on her over a massage table, the suit said. Later that day, McMahon’s personal assistant delivered $15,000 in Bloomingdale’s gift cards to Grant in her office.

Former WWE executive John Laurinaitis is also named in the lawsuit and it refers to McMahon allegedly trying to traffic Grant to a WWE Superstar described as a former WWE Champion that the company was trying to resign. It is alleged that McMahon offered Grant as a sexual partner to the star as part of the negotiations.

Text messages reported to be from McMahon appear in the lawsuit with the WWE founder alleged to have sent Grant a message reading “i’m the only one who owns U and controls who I want to f— U” as well as much more graphic and explicit messages. has now reported the first comment from Vince McMahon’s camp following the publication of the lawsuit with a spokesperson for McMahon indicating that the TKO Executive Chairman is willing to fight to clear his name:

This lawsuit is replete with lies, obscene made-up instances that never occurred, and a vindictive distortion of the truth. He will vigorously defend himself.

One day before the lawsuit appeared publicly, TKO added The Rock to its Board of Directors as well as Brad Keywell as the company’s Board rose from 11 members to 13.

TKO has given its response to the allegations made against Vince McMahon as he faces perhaps the biggest fight of his life to keep his reputation and perhaps his job intact.