WWE Veteran Comments On Having More Roles

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WWE SmackDown announcer Corey Graves has revealed details behind extra duties he has recently taken on with the company.

Graves has become a highly respected member of the WWE broadcast team in recent years, initially honing his verbal talents in NXT and on Premium Live Event pre-show panels before transitioning to roles on both Raw and SmackDown.

The 39 year-old initially inked a developmental deal with WWE in 2011, going on to battle the likes of Bray Wyatt, Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins in NXT before multiple concussions put paid to his hopes of a lengthy in-ring career.

Despite focusing purely on his broadcast skills since, Graves did capture the ill-remembered WWE 24/7 Championship for a few seconds during the 8th November 2021 edition of Raw. It was later suggested that Graves had medically been cleared to return to the ring should he choose to do so.

During a recent appearance on WrestleBinge, the former NXT Tag Team Champion revealed to Bill Apter that he had recently taken on additional duties in the WWE television studio in order to enhance his knowledge:

“I have kind of unofficially taken on some responsibilities in the television studio, and as far as producing little bits and pieces.

I don’t have an official role doing any of that, but I kind of get to lend my expertise. or opinion at least on a lot of different things.”

Veteran WWE Performer Reveals Serious Injury

Whilst Graves’ injuries in the ring came in the pursuit of gold, one other current WWE personality has revealed that he recently suffered a serious injury of his own.

WWE referee Jason Ayers recently announced that he had suffered a broken leg during an episode of SmackDown.

H/T: SEScoops for the above transcription.