WWE Veteran Announces Shocking Injury

WWE logo over blurred Wes Lee

A veteran member of the WWE roster announced a serious injury that took place at a recent event.

The job of a WWE superstar is a dangerous one since they are known for putting their body on the line to entertain the fans. At any moment, somebody can suffer a serious injury like what happened to Charlotte Flair in December when she suffered a torn ACL in her left knee that will keep her out of action for most of 2024.

Sometimes even the people who aren’t wrestling can get hurt too, just because of the physical nature of the business.

On WWE SmackDown in Lincoln, veteran referee Jason Ayers was among the people that were on hand to break up The Bloodline beating up Cameron Grimes at the start of the show. At some point during that scene, Ayers suffered a leg injury and was seen hopping on one leg because of it.

Jason Ayers posted on Instagram that he suffered an injury that might be a broken leg based on what he posted.

When they say “break a leg” I don’t think this is what they meant.

Looks like I’ll be on the sidelines for the next couple months!

A day later on Saturday, January 13th, Ayers noted it was his birthday and shared an image of a GCW that he was watching to support his friend, former WWE superstar Mustafa Ali. Ayers turned 42 years old on Saturday.

How Long Has Jason Ayers Worked For WWE?

When it comes to WWE referees, some of them have been around a very long time, such as Chad Patton, who goes back over 20 years in WWE.

Ayers has a lot of tenure in the company since he’s been there since 2012. Ayers started on the NXT brand before moving up to the main roster, which has led to many matches on Raw, Smackdown and WWE Premium Live Events as well.