WWE “Very High” On Rising Star Ahead Of Possible Main Roster Call-Up [SPOILER]

Juluis Creed Wolfgang WWE NXT

WWE are reportedly very impressed with one particular NXT star ahead of his potential main roster call-up.

The Creed Brothers have already accomplished plenty in their young NXT careers, having already held the NXT Tag Team Championship as well as winning the 2022 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Now, according to reports from the taping for the July 4th episode of NXT, the brothers could be headed to the main roster after losing a Loser Leaves NXT match against The Dyad.

On the June 27th episode of NXT, The Schism took to the ring for a family meeting, allowing time for The Dyad (Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid) to air their grievances against Joe Gacy and Ava. Gacy insisted that he gave The Dyad a home after they were lost, but Fowler seemed unconvinced. Tension seemed to be coming to a head after Gacy said he wouldn’t apologize for adding Ava to the group, but the family meeting was interrupted by Diamond Mine members The Creed Brothers, angry at having been defeated in trios action the previous week after Ava used a loaded mask.

Julius Creed called Gacy’s group a “cancer” and said they’d never let Schism take over NXT, and Gacy declared that The Dyad would face The Creed Brothers one more next week, but with a major stipulation: the loser of the match must leave NXT.

While many assumed that the stipulation may be a way to write The Dyad off television after the duo requested their releases from the company earlier this year, the next episode taping told a different story. The July 4th episode was also taped on June 27th, and according to PWInsider, saw Brutus and Julius Creed defeated at the hands of The Dyad when a mysterious masked man in a red hoodie headbutted Julius out of view of the referee.

Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE officials are especially high on Julius Creed, being extremely pleased with his progress.

“They’re very, very high on Julius, and to a degree Brutus as well. But Julius very much so.”

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