WWE Has Verbal Commitment With Major Free Agent

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WWE looks like they have one big-name free agent in the pipeline but it still might be some time before fans see them in the company.

Giulia is STARDOM’s current biggest star and has been for some time but now it looks like she’s moving on from the company. A move to WWE looked to be in her immediate future but a bombshell at the very top of STARDOM looks to have delayed that.

STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa was fired by the promotion’s owner Bushiroad with Ogawa being accused of poaching the company’s stars. Most STARDOM competitor’s contracts expire at the end of March and the vast majority of them are expected to join a new company formed by Ogawa that is likely to have links to WWE.

As a result, it is expected Giulia will remain in Japan to help get the new promotion off the ground delaying her WWE arrival. But it seems nobody else will be able to swoop in for the star.

Giulia Has Commitment To WWE

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked if WWE had a verbal commitment with Giulia in place but expects her to remain in Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion for most of 2024:

She has a verbal commitment to WWE and I don’t know [how long Giulia will stay in Rossy’s new promotion] I would say until late in the year.

Many onlookers were surprised when it emerged AEW had not offered a deal to Giulia but Tony Khan’s enthusiastic response to Rossy Ogawa’s firing might have explained the politics at play.

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