Famous WWE Name Claims Triple H Knew Of Vince McMahon Allegations

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Triple H was aware of the Vince McMahon controversy according to one major star.

Just ahead of the Royal Rumble, a lawsuit alleging Vince McMahon’s involvement in sex trafficking and sexual assault was made public. The suit also features claims against John Laurinaitis, while a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and WWE star is referenced, believed to be Brock Lesnar.

On February 2nd it was revealed that Vince McMahon is under a federal investigation.

While McMahon has since stepped down from his position on the TKO Group Board of Directors, scrutiny of WWE has hit new heights.

Triple H has come in for considerable criticism for his handling of the situation at the post-Royal Rumble press conference, in particular for claiming he hadn’t even read the lawsuit.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer quoted someone described as “one of the biggest company stars of the modern era” who implied there was no way Triple H wasn’t aware of the Vince McMahon scandal.

“He’s the f’n cerebral assassin, best politicking dude in history, literally wormed his way from a green, entry level wrestler into a (still, average wrestler) absolute top of the office, executive, you think he doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on around him?” said one of the biggest company stars of the modern era. “Think he did that without knowing every little thing everywhere in that company? Yet somehow this slipped past his radar?”

That same star added TKO’s attempts at cleaning house could turn into a “demolition job.”

“The thing about that place is if TKO starts cleaning house, they’re gonna show up with a bucket and some Lysol, then realize that shits in the walls, in the floorboards, they’re gonna have to bring out the sledgehammer (because) that shit is gonna turn into a demolition job. Down to the foundation, sledgehammer pun not intended.”

John Laurinaitis Claims He’s A Victim Of Vince McMahon

Following the allegations a lawyer representing John Laurinaitis claimed he was also a victim of Vince McMahon. Edward Brennan stated that Laurinaitis denies the accusations leveled against him, adding that he’s a “victim and not a predator.”