Dave Meltzer Slams Triple H For Vince McMahon Response

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Dave Meltzer was less than impressed with Triple H’s response to questions about Vince McMahon.

On January 25th it was reported that a lawsuit had been filed accusing Vince McMahon of sex trafficking and sexual assault. The horrific allegations implicated several unnamed WWE executives as well as at least one major WWE Superstar.

The lawsuit was made public just two days before the Royal Rumble, meaning that Triple H would be faced with questions about the situation at the post-show press conference. However, in the eyes of most observers, his responses were unsatisfactory, to say the least.

Writing in a Wrestling Observer Newsletter update, Dave Meltzer took Triple H to task over his performance at the press conference, claiming that people advising him had done a “horrible job.”

“Regarding the press conference last night, It kind of boggles the mind that Paul Levesque was prepared so poorly for the questions. While he couldn’t have said much, he could have at least said some things. Talking about a week where the company has gotten its most mainstream news and most negative news, and clearly had aged Paul himself greatly, as a great week was a very poor choice of words.

Obviously there was little he could say, but the idea of saying that he found out the same time we did or that he didn’t read the lawsuit, the reality is he was on the Board of Directors, he knew about this in 2022 months before the Wall Street Journal. Is it possible he didn’t know the details were as sordid as the lawsuit, yes.

But as a major executive in a company that was sued, the idea he didn’t read it would either indicate being oblivious to a major news story involving the company or a dishonest answer. I don’t know which one it was. But the people who advised him did a horrible job. I’m guessing Cody Rhodes, who was asked a similar question and handled it better, probably wasn’t advised either but he’s not an executive.”

Meltzer added that while he didn’t think The Game was hung out to dry deliberately, he was clearly woefully underprepared.

“I don’t think Levesque was hung out to dry on purpose, nor is this a defense of him, but once they decided to do the press conference, he needed to be prepped on what to say and they failed him badly.”

TKO Group Confirms Vince McMahon Exit

In a new legal filing, the TKO Group — the parent company of WWE for which Vince McMahon held a position on the board — has confirmed his resignation.

It should be noted that Vince McMahon denies any wrongdoing, in a short statement a spokesperson described the allegations as “a vindictive distortion of the truth”