Unexpected WWE Team To Have Strong Role Until WrestleMania

Triple H WWE

There’s reportedly “tremendous support” within WWE for two rising stars.

Shortly after losing the United States Title, Austin Theory began teaming with Grayson Waller. The cocky heels, known as “A-Town Down Under” have featured prominently on SmackDown since September and have clashed with Kevin Owens and LA Knight in recent weeks.

It’s now been reported that the pair have impressed those backstage with their recent performances, and creative plans have been changed as a result. According to a new report from Wrestle Votes, the duo will be playing a “strong role” in programming through WrestleMania, despite the team initially only planned to have a short run together.

“We’ve heard over the past few weeks of tremendous support for the team of Grayson Waller & Austin Theory. Source in creative has said it was meant to be a short term pairing but those plans have changed.

The expectation is that the brash, young team may benefit from the mutual partnership in the long run. Expect the duo to play a strong role in programming thru Mania.”

WWE Fan Tries To Attack Grayson Waller

The news comes after a fan tried to attack Grayson Waller at a WWE live event on December 3rd. On the show in Newark, Delaware, Waller grabbed a microphone and made sure to annoy those in attendance as much as possible.

However, his comments were too much for one attendee who jumped the barricade in an effort to get at Waller. Thankfully, security stepped in before anything more serious happened.