Fan Jumps Barricade To Attack WWE Star (VIDEO)

Grayson Waller WWE

Things got all too much for one wrestling fan who was dragged away after jumping the barricade to confront WWE’s Grayson Waller.

The WWE Live Holiday Tour continued on the 3rd of December in Newark, Delaware but one fan was left feeling with anything but holiday cheer after they broke the golden rule of attending a wrestling show.

Grayson Waller and Austin Theory were in action on the show and Waller took to the microphone to rile the crowd up, picking on one fan in particular. However, things went awry as the fan took exception and jumped the barrier to try and apparently get their hands on the SmackDown star.

Not The First Time A Fan Has Jumped Into The Action In WWE

Although fans attempting to get in the ring or attack the wrestling villain is nothing new, it has thankfully become less common in recent years. However, Seth Rollins was steam-rolled by a fan from behind while on the entrance ramp on Raw back in November 2021 in one of the scariest moments on WWE TV in recent years.

Wrestling is entertainment and fans should always remember to stay on their side of the barrier.