WWE Holding Talks Over Making “Adult” Changes To Raw

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A report has emerged that WWE CEO Nick Khan is trying to figure out what to do with Monday Night RAW so that the show can maintain its success.

With the Endeavour deal looming overhead, fans have wondered if more changes will be coming. One issue that seems to come up every time there’s any sort of shake-up in the company, minor or major, is the idea that WWE will somehow shift away from PG-rated programming to more adult-oriented themes.

This has been a major point of discussion among wrestling fans for well over a decade. And now, another report has emerged suggesting that there’s more interest in this change within WWE’s top brass.

According to Brandon Thurston, WWE CEO Nick Khan isn’t looking to reduce RAW from its current three-hour timeframe. What Khan is looking for, however, is if the third hour could be changed to something different from the rest of the show.

“Nick Khan at JPMorgan TMT now: “Raw is 3 hours. We don’t anticipate that changing.” They’re in discussions about what to do with the 10-11pm hour, whether to make it more “adult”.”

WWE’s TV rights contracts are coming up for renewal soon (October 2014 for Raw & Smackdown in the US) and the company is looking to leverage as much influence over their broadcasters as possible.