WWE Talent Confirms Status With The Company

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One WWE talent has confirmed their status with the company after a shake-up.

The past three years have seen a lot of comings and goings – mainly goings – in WWE and a recent shake-up to one of the company’s shows had fans worried that a popular talent could be on their way out.

Kayla Braxton hosted her final episode of WWE’s The Bump on August 2nd with Braxton announcing that Megan Morant will be replacing her on the show:

“Being a WWE announcer for nearly seven years, there’s been a lot of growth and a lot of change, all for the good. So I’m really excited to tell you this will be my final day as the host of WWE’s The Bump. I’m not leaving the show. I’m still gonna be doing some cool content that will be rolling into the show every single week. But in the meantime, I’m very pleased to tell you that Megan Morant will be filling my spot.

“We know she will do that in a phenomenal way. She’s already been on the show multiple times. She’s already been showing her presence and her big personality and her skill set here. So we’re really excited that you’re gonna be the one to handle Matt Camp and Ryan Pappolla every single week. I’m gonna be wishing you the best.

“But seriously, 240 episodes, I was really honored to get to come on here on the ground floor and be a part of growing this thing into what it is today. I know it’s only gonna grow every further. But of all your support every single week has meant the absolute world. I’m not going away, okay, I just won’t be sitting in this chair anymore. Megan, listen, you are so deserving. I know you’re gonna do an incredible job. Congratulations.”

Is Kayla Braxton leaving WWE?

Kayla Braxton took to social media afterward to confirm that just because she was leaving the show, she’s still firmly part of WWE.

Presumably, this means Braxton will continue in her other roles in the company where she is a backstage interviewer on SmackDown and the host of the premium live event kick off shows – the next of those will take place on the 5th of August ahead of SummerSlam.

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