WWE Tag Team Was Original Blackpool Combat Club Says AEW Star

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Back in 2017, Sheamus and Cesaro didn’t just set the bar, they were The Bar as they took the tag team division of WWE by storm with Matt Hardy calling the team the “original Blackpool Combat Club.”

Sheamus and Cesaro began their run as rivals in 2016 when they were put in a best-of-7 series against each other. With the series tied 3-3, the rubber match went to a no contest leaving no man the winner and Raw General Manager Mick Foley with the idea that perhaps the two men would be better off fighting together rather than against one another.

The Bar was then born with Sheamus and Cesaro going on to win tag team gold in WWE on five separate occasions.

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Speaking on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the AEW star named The Bar team of Sheamus and Cesaro as the original Blackpool Combat Club, and for good reason:

They were the original BCC, the original Blackpool Combat Club because they’d go in there and beat the sh*t out everybody. It was one of those you know, if you’re working with those guys, you were in for a very physical night. That’s the first thing, like, guys like that, I love working TV with, live events, not as much. I’m more of an entertainer at this stage.

“I like someone who’s big on entertaining the crowd as opposed to having to physically put your body through a wringer. You know, sometimes once you get 30 years deep, you want to kind of chill a little bit on the shows and just entertain people as opposed to like, beat each other up. But they were both very, extremely talented. Both very physical competitors, and both kick ass you know, wrestlers fighters.”

Cesaro is of course part of the Blackpool Combat Club where he is better known as Claudio Castagnoli. The team is set to take part in a huge Blood & Guts match when AEW makes its debut in the TD Garden in Boston on July 19th and they could well have had a surprising partner for that bout.

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