WWE Higher Ups Would Be Surprised If Legend Worked For AEW

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There are people within WWE that would be very surprised if one of their current legends decided to work for another promotion like AEW.

When Edge returned to in-ring action at the 2020 Royal Rumble, it came a few months after he got physical for the first time in many years at SummerSlam 2019 when Edge hit Elias with a Spear. Following that match, Edge planned his wrestling return to take place nine years after his sudden retirement in 2011 due to a neck injury.

While he was preparing for his comeback, there were reports that Edge talked with AEW briefly although he ultimately worked out a deal to return to WWE, which is where he has wrestled since 1998, which is now 25 years ago.

Since he will turn 50 years old this October, it’s time to think of a retirement from wrestling, which Edge has talked about publicly a few times.

The Twitter account @WrestleVotes spoke to GiveMeSport about how people in WWE would be surprised if Edge wrestled for AEW.

“If he retires the summer in Toronto, I wouldn’t be surprised. I would be surprised if he finishes his current deal and then goes to AEW, WWE would be surprised too. Even though you’ve got Christian factor, you know, they could team one more time and wrestle each other one more time, I’d be surprised if he wrestles past WWE. WWE would be very surprised as well.”

In August 2022, Edge first teased that he was going to retire in 2023 and he wanted to do it in Toronto. After Elimination Chamber this past February in Montreal when he won a mixed tag team match with his wife Beth Phoenix, Edge said this about having a retirement plan.

“I try not to make any firm decisions, but here’s what I can say about tonight. For nine years I was retired. I come back and I get to team with my wife, who I married while I was retired and had two beautiful little girls with. The fact that we get to do this at all, I never thought this would happen. We’re out there, and if it looks like we’re having, it’s because we are, we’re having a blast. I get to stand shoulder to shoulder with this woman.”

“I’m not really thinking about what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow, let alone what I’m going to do five, six, seven, eight months from now. I will say, I would like it to be in Canada.”

For what it’s worth, WWE doesn’t have any major Premium Live Events currently scheduled for Toronto so if Edge is insistent on retiring in Toronto then it could be on Raw or Smackdown since there’s a Toronto Smackdown event on August 18th.