WWE Star Surprised By Booker T Comments

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A big-name WWE star has been left confused by comments from Booker T.

On the March 11th episode of Raw, Sami Zayn booked himself a shot at Gunther and the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania. Zayn earned the bout with the dominant champion after surviving a Gauntlet Match which ended with him pinning Chad Gable.

Speaking on his podcast after the show, Booker T claimed Sami Zayn was “upset” by fan reaction to the victory, after a swell of support for Gable.

During an interview with Josh Martinez of Z100 on the Superstar Crossover podcast, Zayn addressed the comments, revealing he was surprised to see the details of their conversation online.

“Well, I was a little surprised to read that. Because I basically bumped into Booker on the plane and we were just sitting next to each other. So, we’re just talking. It’s pretty weird to see that on the internet. All this to say, No, I was very happy with the performance, because he was talking about the performance itself, the match itself.

I was like, ‘Yeah, I was very pleased with the match. It’s just unfortunate that it felt like the reaction to the wind itself was a little split, if not a little more skewed towards Chad’ because we did a great job of building Chad and he’s done a great job of building himself,” Sami admits.

“When you’re a good guy or whatever, or bad guy, and you know where you’re headed, you just want the full investment, right? You want the full scope of the audience’s emotional investment.

I felt like this was an interesting story because it splits the emotional investment in two. So, you’re only getting 50% of the pie, right? That’s just an interesting dynamic because it makes it more compelling.

For sure, as a guy whose job it is to rally the entire audience behind him. Which is what I sometimes feel like my job is as a good guy. I was a little let down that I felt like I couldn’t get the entire audience to rally behind me. At least, that’s not even entirely true,” he continued.

“During the match itself, it feels like they’re very happy and invested in the whole thing. But the online backlash the day after, just with people feeling a little disappointed for Chad, which is very understandable. It just was a little deflating, you know?

But again, this is just something I was kind of articulating to him as to just kind of shoot the breeze on the plane. So I think maybe once it gets out online, it seems like a bigger deal than it is. That’s all I was articulating to him.”

Booker T Backtracks On CM Punk Comments

The WWE Hall of Famer recently found himself at the heart of wild speculation after claiming he “almost got into it” with CM Punk.

Booker T later claimed he hasn’t got any issues with Punk, and was simply trying to entertain with his earlier comments.

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