WWE Still Planning For NXT Europe

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WWE is still planning for a new developmental brand in Europe.

WWE brought the curtain down on NXT UK back in August 2022 with releases following as the company did not hold onto all the talent that had been working on that brand.

The shutdown came as plans were in place to launch a new NXT Europe brand but so far, nothing has happened to that end with WWE itself set to be taken over by Endeavor in the not-too-distant future.

WWE still has plans for NXT Europe

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that there are still plans for WWE to set up NXT Europe but it likely won’t happen until 2024 at the earliest:

“They would want to do it [NXT India]. I don’t expect that to happen. One of the issues is they really can’t run shows there. I can see them opening the NXT Europe thing. By the way, that was supposed to be open…when they first got rid of NXT UK, it was in early 2023 they were going to start NXT Europe. Now it’s not happening then, and it’s not happening until after the merger, but the merger is only a couple of weeks away now.

“I’ve heard now the target is 2024, but once they do that, it will be a while. Where they go from there…Mexico is somewhere they’ve talked about, but it would be very difficult. They don’t understand Mexico or Japan, but Japan was always high on the list for an NXT outpost. As far as India goes, it wasn’t one of the prime places to go…but it could happen down the line.”

NXT Heatwave is the next special on the developmental brand and that show is set to take place on the 22nd of August with Carmelo Hayes putting his NXT Championship on the line against Wes Lee.

The former NXT UK will be represented on that show as well as Nathan Frazer defends the Heritage Cup against Noam Dar.