WWE Star’s WrestleMania 39 Moment Scrapped

wwe wrestlemania 39 sign

LA Knight had promised that WrestleMania would get its own “LA Knight moment” but with the show in the books, it appears that planned moment was scrapped.

Bobby Lashley had originally been planned for the show in a bout against Bray Wyatt but uncertainty over Wyatt led to that bout being nixed. It was reported that his win in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal would lead to something at WrestleMania for Lashley but he only appeared to pose with his battle royal trophy.

That was more than could be said for LA Knight who was completely absent from the show. WRKD Wrestling has now reported that LA Knight was originally meant to feature on WrestleMania in a segment with Bobby Lashley on Sunday night, however, that never happened:

“A noticeable on-screen absence from this weekend’s #WrestleMania was LA Knight, even after saying, “WrestleMania will get that LA Knight moment!” We’re told Knight was scheduled to have a segment with Lashley on night two. We are unsure, as of now, why the change was made.”

Monday Night Raw was said to be a night of last-minute changes to creative decisions as well and it is believed that Vince McMahon is “firmly back in charge” of that aspect of the company. LA Knight’s persona from NXT was changed to that of Max Dupri when he joined the main roster before McMahon’s short-lived retirement in 2022. Under Triple H’s leadership, the Dupri character was phased out and the star returned to being LA Knight.

McMahon’s involvement has seemingly led to a slump in morale with more than one WWE Superstar believed to be considering their future as a result.