WWE Stars React To Cryptic NXT Video


Two WWE stars have responded after a cryptic video aired on NXT television that could have been very familiar to them.

Mustafa Ali may well have recognized the type of vignette played after he was revealed to be the long-forgotten SmackDown hacker who was promoted in a similar fashion. The hacker character was quickly abandoned but it turned into Ali leading the ill-fated RETRIBUTION group that saw NXT star Dijak turn into T-BAR and it’s safe to say he’s not keen to go back to that character.

Ali responded to the video with “GREAT CONCEPT!” while Dijak replied to him asking to be left out of any potential plans:

“If you ask people to start dressing like this to sabotage the show please count me out, thanks.”

Mustafa Ali and Dijak are unlikely to be involved in any storyline to do with the video as it seemed to focus on an unknown person watching the aftermath of the parking lot attacks on both Wendy Choo and Nikkita Lyons.

The majority of the NXT women’s division is currently preoccupied with the tournament to crown a new NXT Women’s Champion after Indi Hartwell vacated the gold due to her being drafted to Monday Night Raw.