WWE Stars Confirm Wyatt Sicks Inclusion

WWE Uncle Howdy Wyatt Sicks

Several masked members of the Wyatt Sicks have confirmed their identities following their violent WWE debut.

After weeks of QR code teases and mysterious messages, the Wyatt Sicks made their Raw debut in Corpus Christi. Following the main event, the lights went out and a piano note rang out as Bray Wyatt’s doorway appeared in the entranceway.

The first member of the new faction – portraying Sister Abigail – crawled through the door towards a lantern on the ramp before the camera moved backstage to show scenes of the “massacre” long promised by the Sicks. Among the bodies and chaos, new versions of Mercy the Buzzard, Huskus the Pig, and Ramblin Rabbit were seen standing.

When the camera reached the end of the hall, Uncle Howdy made his entrance, collecting the group as they made their way to the stage. Howdy then picked up the lantern and, in an homage to Wyatt, declared “We’re here” before blowing out the light to end the show.

Who Are WWE’s Wyatt Sicks?

Using social media, several members of the faction revealed their identities. Joe Gacy posted a picture of the group, saying “We’re here” and followed up with a picture of him as Huskus.

Meanwhile, Nikki Cross posted her own cryptic message, saying “You refused salvation. We’re here. The reckoning is inevitable,” all but confirming her identity as Sister Abigail.

Dexter Lumis also got in on the act, simply shared a picture of the group’s new logo, seemingly revealing himself as Mercy the Buzzard. Erick Rowan also posted to Instagram, showing a picture of Rambling Rabbit with the hammer seen on Raw and the caption, “Hel**……………..”

The leader of the group, Uncle Howdy, has not yet confirmed his real identity, although he is widely believed to be Wyatt’s brother, Bo Dallas.

One star wants nothing to do with the faction, as Jey Uso has tried to avoid crossing the Wyatt Sicks by giving up Bray Wyatt’s “Fireflies” after recently adopting the spectacle as part of his entrance.