WWE Star Wants Match With “Old & Beaten Down” King Charles

King Charles III

SmackDown’s LA Knight is headed to London for Money in the Bank, and he issued a challenge to none other than King Charles III.

With a victory over Montez Ford on the June 2nd episode of SmackDown, LA Knight secured a coveted spot on the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. WWE is headed overseas to London for the blockbuster event, and speaking in an interview with the Daily Star, Knight set his sights not only on the briefcase, but also on King Charles’ crown.

“I gotta go to the top man and run for King Charles. I know he’s old and beaten down and you know busted up, but I’ve got to take the crown.”

Knight has quickly become one of the most popular members of the SmackDown roster, with Hall of Famers such as Mark Henry calling for him to receive a major push. However, Knight made it clear that he doesn’t plan to impress people with flashy flips or moves in the ring, but rather with his charisma and crowd work.

“There’s a lot of guys out there just doing their routines, doing the tumbling, and they’re doing their gymnastics and that kind of stuff – I don’t do that.

“Sure, I can throw some spice in there every now and then, where it makes sense, where it fits where I need it.

“A lot of times it’s the physical charisma, it’s the physical kind of mannerisms and stuff like that, like how are you conducting yourself? How are you holding yourself?

“If you look at the biggest swells in the industry, you’re looking at the golden era with Hogan – big time charisma – you’re looking at the at the Attitude Era with with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

“It was all big time charisma, nobody was doing crazy flips.

“I mean, some of the guys were doing that, but those are the guys on the undercard card, and no disrespect to that as that’s something that you need on the card, but for the guys that I wanted to be and the guys that I wanted to emulate and where I wanted to be on the card – I knew who I wanted to be.”

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