LA Knight Reacts To “Life-Changing” WWE Opportunity

la knight wwe ladder

LA Knight looks destined for success in WWE and according to the man himself, when – not if – he wins Money In The Bank he’ll finally get what’s been a long time coming to him.

LA Knight qualified for the men’s Money In The Bank match on the 2nd of June edition of SmackDown when he defeated Montez Ford. According to reports Knight is one of the leading contenders to actually go all the way and win the briefcase when Money In The Bank emanates from The O2 Arena in London, England on July 1st.

Speaking on The Bump, LA Knight was in no doubt that he’ll be the man to retrieve the coveted briefcase in London and move onto success, the like of which he believes is “overdue” in his career:

“Finally, the WWE is gonna give me what I want. Why? Because I had to go out and make it happen. Look, I didn’t ask for anybody, talk about being a fan-favorite, I didn’t go out there and say, ‘Hey, please cheer for me. Hey, please like me.’ As a matter of fact, if they don’t cheer for me, if they don’t like me, doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to me.

“At the end of the day, I’m gonna go to Money in the Bank, I’m gonna climb that ladder, I’m gonna pull the case down, and then any single one of those titles that I want is coming my way, whether it’s Gunther, whether it’s Austin Theory, whether it’s Seth Rollins or whether it’s Roman Reigns himself, any single one of them are in the crosshairs at this point.

“So what you got to think about is man, look, I didn’t get shoved down anybody’s throat. I wasn’t anybody’s guy. I came in and I did my thing, and the whole world, whether you take me to Saudi Arabia, whether you take me to London, whether you take me to Puerto Rico, you can take me to Mobile, Alabama, and every single place is gonna make a whole lot of noise for LA Knight. You know why that is? Because they can see that I stand head and shoulders above everybody walking.

“It is gonna be life-changing because for a good long time, I couldn’t get what was coming to me. But now I’m gonna take what’s been coming to me for a good long, time. It’s been overdue.”

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h/t Fightful