WWE Star Unamasks For Fan

Dragon Lee Rey Mysterio WWE

Dragon Lee is on his road to superstardom in WWE and his connection with fans is such that he has already unmasked to make a very special moment.

Dragon Lee’s switch to the WWE main roster from NXT came relatively quickly, just a few short months after his debut on the white and gold brand. Now Lee’s home is SmackDown and he has quickly become intertwined in the ongoing storyline between Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar.

Rey Mysterio is out of action until 2024 after undergoing knee surgery and while it looked like LWO member Carlito would step up to take on Escobar – who in storyline took out Mysterio – at Survivor Series, Escobar took out Carlito out of the equation before that could happen.

That led to Dragon Lee stepping up to face Escobar at Survivor Series but in the end, it was Santos Escobar who picked up the win.

Dragon Lee Swaps Masks With Young WWE Fan

Despite the loss, Lee is clearly making a connection with WWE fans and a video shared on social media showed the star unmasking to swap masks with a young fan at ringside who was wearing a Rey Mysterio mask.

The video came from a WWE live event in Allentown, PA where Lee again suffered defeat at the hands of Santos Escobar.