WWE Star Thanks Triple H & Road Dogg For Family Moment At A Live Event

Triple H poses in the WWE ring

A SmackDown star has noted his appreciation of Triple H and Road Dogg for allowing them to have a very special moment with their father in a WWE ring.

Santos Escobar is a second-generation wrestling star who previously competed as El Hijo del Fantasma for AAA, a name he carried with him into WWE when he joined the company in 2019. It was while NXT Cruiserweight Champion that the star morphed into Santos Escobar, taking off his luchador mask, and leading the group Legado del Fantasma as a nod to his past.

El Hijo del Fantasma of course means ‘the son of Fantasma’ with Escobar’s dad being luchador legend El Fantasma. El Fantasma accompanied his son to the ring at a WWE live event back in October and during his entrance, Escobar presented his father with his mask.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Santos Escobar discussed the special moment and mentioned Road Dogg and Triple H for allowing it to happen:

“My dad’s my hero. I am molded by him, forged by him. He taught me everything, still does that. That moment right there, that happened because the company allowed me to have it, Triple H allowed me to have it, Road Dogg allowed me to have it. It’s a moment I’m going to carry within my soul for the rest of my life. And so is my dad.”