WWE Star Thrilled With Toni Storm’s AEW Performances

Toni Storm poses on entrance ramp

Toni Storm has earned praise from a WWE star for her recent character transformation.

Storm has won over the audience with her new character of a temperamental movie star from the golden age of Hollywood. As well as changing her look, the Australian star has begun making short movies and taking part in interviews with RJ City, who bears the brunt of her mood swings.

According to WWE star Tegan Nox, the new character is “very her” and the “Chin up, t**ts out” catchphrase is “the most Tony thing she could possibly say.”

Nox was making an appearance on the ‘Wilde On’ podcast when she spoke about how happy she is for Storm to be able to be herself.

“I messaged her straight afterward. I was like, ‘That is you. That’s the Toni I’ve known for 12 years.’ She’s just being herself and it’s like, oh God, how far is this going to go?

As for how far her friend can push things, Nox is along for the ride with the rest of Storm’s fans.

Because I know you and you’re going to push the boat as far as you can. I just love that she’s throwing shoes at people now.”

Toni Storm brings Luther back to AEW TV

On the latest episode of Dynamite, Toni Storm debuted a new movie called ‘Hold that Butler.’ In the short, Storm is seen getting ready in the dressing room with the help of a butler. That butler was none other than Luther, who had not been seen on AEW TV since the July 26th edition of Rampage.

In the film, he throws a clementine to his new employer before she decides it’s time to get out of Philadelphia and go home.

Following his debut in Storm’s movie, the star – who is still best known for his death match exploits in the nineties – has undergone a name tweak according to AEW’s official roster page, and instead of Luther, he is now known as Lutha.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.