Top WWE Star Claims The Rock Isn’t Fit To Lace Their Boots

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One WWE star will be happy to see the back of The Rock.

The war of words between The Rock and Seth Rollins shows no sign of coming to an end. The animosity between the pair kicked into gear when Rollins backed up Cody Rhodes after he was slapped by the Great One at the WrestleMania Kick-Off event.

Seth Rollins later branded The Rock’s WWE comeback as “bullsh*t” before the Hollywood star responded with childish jabs calling the World Champion Rhodes’ “little girlfriend.”

Speaking in a new interview with Alex McCarthy for the Daily Mail, Rollins upped the ante even further, calling out Rock for recycling his material, calling him an “afterthought.”

“Yeah, he’s gonna open his mouth, run his mouth, say the same old crap he’s been saying for the last two decades because he can’t come up with any new material. Bottom line is, he is an afterthought. This is our story, our era. We’ve built the last decade of WWE, this Elimination Chamber show, this WrestleMania will be the biggest ever; we built it without him.

He’s been off doing his own thing and I’m not taking anything away from him; he laid the groundwork for it but we built it, man. We built the wall, we built the roof, we’ve got this sorted. He can come in and have a little tea but we will shoe him on the way out. Happy to have him, happier to see him go,”

Rollins admitted that Rock was a “specimen” but wasn’t fit to lace his boots even on his best day.

“He is a specimen, he is a specimen. But he hasn’t had a match in a decade. John Cena, two times at WrestleMania. Had a couple of stuff, a tag team match and a couple of appearances here and there. I’m on a different level right now. I am in my prime. I am operating at a level so high above any level he’s ever operated at. He couldn’t lace my boots in the best years of his career, let alone now. I’m just saying,”

Austin Theory Takes Credit For The Rock’s Comeback

In a slightly more tongue-in-cheek moment, Austin Theory took credit for The Rock’s return, after the pair came face to face in September. Theory said he went out on SmackDown and made The Rock feel special again and this lit a fire under him which led to his latest comeback.

Theory even managed another little dig at the megastar for coming back and “playing a WWE Superstar.”