WWE Star Teases Split From Faction

WWE Thea Hail Chase U

Thea Hail’s time at Chase University appears to be coming to an end.

The Chase U student took part in the biggest match of her career to date at The Great American Bash, facing NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton in a Submission match with the title on the line.

Unfortunately, Hail failed to submit Stratton and become the champion. However, Hail herself also did not give up in the high stakes match. As Hail was caught in the Boston Crab by Stratton, Andre Chase had no choice but to throw in the towel, giving the technical submission victory to Stratton.

On the August 1st episode, Baron Corbin berated Thea Hail over the loss, advising the Chase U member to pack up her bags and find a new career. Andre Chase had enough of the insults, demanding a match with The Lone Wolf.

During the match between Chase and Corbin, Hail looks disinterested, refusing to take part in the rallying chants. The ending of the match saw a mirror finish to The Great American Bash, as Hail threw in the towel while Chase was caught in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Corbin threw the towel back before the referee could see it, winning the match with The End of Days.

Hail left the match before the finish, still upset at her mentor’s actions at the Premium Live Event.

Partnerships End On WWE NXT

In a night filled with drama, Hail’s shocking actions were not the only signs of descension in a NXT group. Trick Williams approached NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes in the backstage area, stating that their time together had to come to an end so that Williams could make a name for himself. The pair agreed to go their separate ways, but would reunite in the future.

In a further turn of shocking events, a former NXT Champion made the announcement that they are leaving the brand with immediate effect.