WWE Star Sick Of Having Recovery Questioned

Raquel Rodriguez Dakota Kai WWE

Dakota Kai might be on WWE SmackDown every week but she is not cleared to compete in the ring and wants fans to stop questioning her recovery.

On the 12th of May 2023 edition of SmackDown Dakota Kai suffered a serious injury that has kept her out of action ever since when she and Bayley challenged Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Kai stayed off TV following surgery before returning at SummerSlam when her Damage CTRL partner IYO SKY became WWE Women’s Champion. Since then Kai has been with the expanded Damage CTRL that now also includes Asuka and Kairi Sane with Bayley’s position in the group looking increasingly unsettled.

Dakota Kai Still Waiting For WWE In-Ring Return

Speaking on her Twitch stream, Dakota Kai hit out at those complaining that she has not returned to the ring and said there is a date for being cleared that she has to wait for:

I’m so sick of seeing people saying, ‘She can run and jump, but she’s not cleared still? No, that’s not how this works. Obviously, I can run and jump because I’ve been doing it for the last few months, but they have a set date for when you actually get cleared because I have to still do matches, and they have to check all the boxes of when I’m actually cleared. I’m not going to be in a wheelchair for nine months and then suddenly stand up and go, ‘I’m cured.’ That’s not how it works.

It remains unknown if Kai will be cleared in time to be a part of the 2024 Royal Rumble. Bayley is the only member of Damage CTRL to so far declare for the match and the group has been clear that if Bayley wants to win the match then she has to do it herself.

Bayley has made clear her plans to cash in on Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley should she win, but with IYO SKY still holding the WWE Women’s Championship, a Damage CTRL implosion could be on the cards.