WWE Star Says The Rock Is The New Hulk Hogan

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According to one WWE star, The Rock is “the new Hulk Hogan.”

In recent days Gunther has been doing the media rounds, and grabbing headlines in the process. While he had some fond words for Jeff Jarrett, the Intercontinental Champion was much less complimentary about the Ultimate Warrior.

Gunther blasted the controversial Hall of Famer, describing him as a showman and not an athlete or professional wrestler. He referred to his time with the Intercontinental Title as the “dark ages.”

During a new interview with Steve Fall for WrestlingNews.Co, Gunther said he would also categorise The Rock as a showman, calling him the new Hulk Hogan.

“I think it’s he’s the new Hulk Hogan, I think, in terms of if you ask random people on the street in some random country, they will say The Rock and connect it with wrestling. And most famous, but I categorize him as a showman as well.”

The Rock Contemplated Surprise MMA Switch

Speaking in a new interview of his own, The Rock claimed that he almost quit WWE in 1997, just one year after making his debut. The Hollywood megastar said that the negative reactions he was getting from WWF crowds at the time left him questioning whether wrestling was for him.

The WWE legend added that he was regularly bumping into several MMA stars who were making significantly more money than him, leading him to ponder a switch.