WWE Star Says Randy Orton Is The Best Ever

Randy Orton

Randy Orton might just be the best to ever do.

Despite nearly having his career ended by a serious back injury, Randy Orton continues to stay at the top of his game. Most recently, Orton enjoyed a strong run to the finals of the King of the Ring that saw him lose out to Gunther in controversial fashion.

During the deciding pin-fall, Orton’s shoulders weren’t flat on the mat, but the referee named Gunther as the winner. Although the veteran hasn’t wrestled since Triple H has declared there will be a rematch when Orton returns.

In a new interview with Sportskeeda, Gunther’s stablemate Ludwaig Kaiser was asked who he’s looking forward to sharing the ring with. In answering Kaiser referenced that match between Gunther and Orton, and said The Viper could be the best to ever step in the ring.

“Looking back at the King of the Ring, Randy Orton, against “The Ring General” GUNTHER, Moments like this really shows you it’s so special to be a part of this right now. Whether you’re a fan or actively in the ring, it is just such a special right now.

People in decades from now are gonna look back to this era and gonna say, ‘Wow, what happened back there?’ Everybody was so lucky to be part of this, and that’s exactly how I feel about it.

Somebody like Randy Orton definitely, to me, would be somebody that would be so special to me. To me, the absolute, very, very best. Probably ever. Such a legend to me, and definitely always somebody I looked up to, even when I was a teenager. I always knew I wanted to do this, so definitely always somebody I was looking forward to meet eventually and get to see and actually learn from, and all of those things.”

Randy Orton Planned For Retirement During Absence

Randy Orton was out of action from May 2022 and Survivor Series 2023 with a serious back injury. The star had been struggling with the issue for a long time, but it had been getting progressively worse. In fact, the injury was so serious, that Orton required surgery, and doctors advised him to never wrestle again.

During his time away, Randy Orton prepared for retirement, and he was determined to stay part of WWE. The veteran said he would have liked to become a coach or producer, seeing no reason why he should walk away from the company.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co