WWE Star Reveals Plan For End Of Their Career

WWE logo over blurred Shawn Spears

A recent WWE signing is confident he will finish his career in the company.

After five years away, Shawn Spears has returned to WWE as part of the NXT brand. The star shocked everyone when he appeared on the February 27th edition of NXT and launched a vicious assault on Ridge Holland with a steel chair.

In the following weeks, the two men continued their rivalry, with things coming to a head on March 12th when The Chairman defeated Holland with a little help from another chair.

Spears’ first run with WWE came to an end when he was granted his release from the company in early 2019. The star went on to sign for AEW and appeared on its first pay-per-view, Double or Nothing. Spears remained with the promotion for several years, but was used less and less as time went on. In December 2023, he announced he was leaving AEW when his contract expired at the end of the year.

During an interview with Fightful, Spears explained that his schedule kept changing towards the end of his time in AEW because they couldn’t find a spot for him. This led to him taking more independent dates.

“The schedule changed a lot only because things were, again, moving quick over there and it seemed like I couldn’t find a spot, so-to-speak. I’m somebody who likes to keep going, keep moving. Out of sight, out of mind sort of thing. So if I wasn’t going to find a spot here, I’m going to see if I can work an independent over here.

“I was doing select ones. I wasn’t trying to go crazy every weekend and be away from my family. That’s a luxury I have been able to afford after 22 years of service. But it was just about more wrestling in certain places and wrestling certain talent, still going out there and having some fun. At the end of the day, that’s what this is supposed to be. It’s fun.”

Shawn Spears Wants To Finish His Career In WWE

Spears says that his new schedule in NXT works well for him, allowing him to work more while still spending time with his family.

“My wife got pretty used to the schedule. She’s like, ‘Wow, you’re here all the time,’ and I’m itching to get to work. I’m like, ‘Oh, I just want to get out there more,’ but I don’t want to take too much time away from my family. So now that I am here and I am in town, I’m working every day and I am performing in NXT every Tuesday night. But I’m still home.”

“Now it’s just about finding the perfect balance, which will come in time. So luckily the schedule has always ended up working out in my schedule, for whatever reason it is. A lot of it is out of my hands. ‘Man, I would like to be in a position where I can see my family a lot more and still have my foot in a wrestling ring somewhere.’ Here we are. It ended up working out.”

Now that he is finding that balance, Spears is optimistic that he will stay in WWE for the rest of his career.

“I will say, though, that in a perfect world – this is me hoping – that this is the last stop. This is it. Regardless of my in-ring future here or what not, I can confidently say that I will finish my career here in WWE.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.