Complete Shock In WWE Over Shawn Spears Return

Shawn Spears

Shawn Spears made his shock return to WWE and now it has been revealed just how much of a secret the company was keeping his comeback.

Ridge Holland was in the ring on the 27th of February edition of NXT protesting his innocence over more recent storyline injuries attributed to him when the lights went out. The ‘Three Faces’ vignettes that have aired in recent weeks saw their latest play on the video screen and when they stopped a spotlight illuminated the ring and the mystery man who cracked Holland with a steel chair.

That man was AEW original Shawn Spears who is now back in WWE after five years away. Spears was known as The Chairman in AEW after he cracked Cody Rhodes with a brutal unprotected chair shot that busted The American Nightmare wide open and it seems he might keeping that aspect of his character.

Spears was previously known as Gavin Spears during his brief time on ECW in his first WWE run that came to an end in 2009. He returned to the company in 2013 where he was known as Tye Dillinger and found popularity as ‘The Perfect 10.’

What Name Will WWE Use For Shawn Spears?

Fightful Select has shone more light on Spears’ return to WWE and confirmed he will be sticking with his Shawn Spears name and not reverting to his previous WWE persona of Tye Dillinger.

It was noted that there were very few on the brand that knew about Spears being there with one talent referring to it as a “complete shock.” As of 8 pm EST, there was no mention of Shawn Spears on internal documents and nobody else was listed to be a part of Ridge Holland’s segment.

Shawn Michaels had filled in for Spears during rehearsals with Holland for the segment earlier in the day. It is believed the former AEW star had been let out of his deal with Tony Khan’s company early and had re-signed with WWE sometime before the ‘Three Faces’ vignettes began airing on NXT television.