WWE Star Recalls Wrestling In Prisons – “It Was Wild!”

Dominik Mysterio WWE

Someone get Dominik Mysterio to call his mami because another WWE Superstar has detailed their experience wrestling in an actual prison.

While WWE stars are used to wrestling in some of the finest arenas around the US and the world or in stadiums that can hold tens of thousands of adoring fans, the reality of wrestling on the independent scene can sometimes be slightly different.

Johnny Gargano – in an appearance on Beat of Sports – has recalled his experiences on the indies where he says he wrestled in prisons multiple times:

“I (wrestled in) an actual prison. Before my time in WWE, I was an independent wrestler, so I would wrestle on a bunch of random shows here and there. They had a show booked in a prison. I’ve wrestled multiple times in prisons, which is a wild crowd.”

“Wild environment. They ran a wrestling show in the middle of the yard where they had all their activities and stuff like that. ‘Hey, come watch a wrestling show,’ and we wrestled in a prison. It was wild.”

Given the timeframe, it doesn’t look like Johnny Gargano ever ran into Dominik Mysterio during his stretch in the big house.

Gargano will be part of the Elimination Chamber match for the US Championship on the 18th of February where will be locked up alongside Austin Theory, Damian Priest, Montez Ford, Seth Rollins, and Bronson Reed.

h/t Fightful