Ex-WWE Star Claims Publicly Supporting Palestine Will Get You Fired

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A former WWE Superstar has called out Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman has come in for a huge amount of criticism after sharing a highly insensitive post mocking the death of Aaron Bushnell. The US airman set himself on fire outside of the Israeli embassy in Washington as he shouted “Free Palestine” on February 26th.

The original post referenced Heyman trending higher than Bushnell after his appearance on Raw. Heyman then quoted the message referencing TV ratings being “on fire.”

Fans were quick to call out Heyman for the post — which hasn’t been deleted, and now Mansoor has had his say.

The former WWE star suggested there was a double standard in how the company treats supporting Palestine compared to messages such as Heyman’s.

Publicly supporting Palestine will get you fired but taunting a serviceman who made the ultimate sacrifice to protest the murder and maiming of tens of thousands of children is completely acceptable.

Got it.

Mansoor Was Released By WWE In 2023

Mansoor was released in September 2023, along with tag team partner Mace and several other Superstars. The star signed with WWE back in 2018 after a successful try-out in Saudi Arabia.

The star’s popularity peaked as part of Maximum Male Models, with the pair becoming cult favourites among fans. The pair have since begun doing the rounds on the independent scene, featuring for the likes of GCW.