WWE Star Was Sent To The Performance Center Despite Main Roster Spot

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A WWE Raw star has recalled being sent to the Performance Center.

At Clash At The Castle, Dominik Mysterio turned on his father Rey and joined the Judgment Day after a weeks-long charm offensive from the group.

While Dominik had already enjoyed success in the tag team ranks, his heel turn sent him into another stratosphere. However, WWE made sure that the star wouldn’t be getting ahead of himself.

Unusually for a WWE star, Dominik missed NXT completely and went straight to the main roster. So seemingly in order to make sure he could excel in his newfound high-profile spot, the company sent Mysterio to the Performance Center

Speaking to Konnan on K100, Mysterio said he’s always struggled with consistency — something his spell training at the PC went some way to ironing out.

“The key for me was just consistency. I’ve never really been consistent with anything, and even still, to this day, I struggle with consistency.

It got to a point where, after I turned on my dad, they asked me if I was okay going to Orlando and doing the whole process of the PC because I had skipped that whole process for about two years. Me, being a team player, I was like, ‘Yup, whatever you guys need.’

Being there in Orlando helped me be more consistent because I had nothing to do in Orlando other than workout or go to the PC. I would go work out at the PC, then I would go workout with Austin Theory, and that’s who I first turned to on the road, staying consistent in the gym on the road with him, eating right.

Even now, traveling with Finn, Damian, Rhea, and JD. I can’t tell you the last time we didn’t send a group text ‘Gym’ right before TV. Every time we’re on the road, we’re always at the gym. It’s something they’ve helped me with, being on the road and staying consistent.”

Dominik Mysterio To Miss Out On WWE Elimination Chamber

Since turning on his father, “Dom, Dom’s” career has gone from strength to strength. The star is now a two-time NXT North American Champion and remains an integral part of Judgment Day.

Despite this, Dominik Mysterio won’t be competing at Elimination Chamber after being defeated by Kevin Owens in a qualifying match on SmackDown.

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