WWE Star Teases “More Serious” Character Change

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Matt Riddle is back in WWE and the former UFC star says he’s ready to remind the world that he is one of the top fighters in the world as he pledges to lose some of his “goofy” side.

The fans in Los Angeles for the 3rd of April edition of Raw got a surprise as Matt Riddle returned to WWE television. The Miz took to the ring to complain about his treatment at WrestleMania when he was forced to do battle with Pat McAfee, “Jumping Shane McMahon,” and Snoop Dogg. Sick of surprises, The Miz promised no more of them which of course brought out Matt Riddle.

The Miz didn’t wait to hear from Riddle as he attacked but the Original Bro fought back and cleared the ring. It was later announced the two men will clash in a match on the 10th of April edition of Raw.

Since the Raw appearance Riddle has shown he has not forgotten that it was The Bloodline that took him out of action as on SmackDown he took the fight to the group. The reality of his absence was that the star had failed his second drug test in WWE, which led to a rehab stint and a 60-day suspension.

In a backstage WWE Raw vlog following his return, Riddle noted that he’s aiming to bring a more serious side to his character as he reminds people he is one the top fighters in the world:

“Before I left, I beat Seth (Rollins) in a Fight Pit Match in the main event of Extreme Rules. Instead of kinda keeping that ride on, I kinda went back into goofy Riddle mode. And I feel like this time around, it’s still me, I’m always gonna be me, but I wanna bring a more serious side to it.

“You know, I’ve been working out a lot, I’ve been training a lot of jiu-jitsu. I just got my black belt. And I wanna really showcase my skills and my expertise and show the world I’m also one of the top fighters in the world and I can take anybody on in this company.”

h/t Sportskeeda