WWE Star Looking For Leadership Role

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Chad Gable is staying put in WWE and now it seems he’s already thinking about the next steps he wants to take in his career.

There was plenty of speculation in the wrestling world as several WWE stars neared the end of their contracts in recent months and one of them was Chad Gable. Chad Gable silenced everyone as he signed a new deal with WWE, following in the footsteps of Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor who have also penned new contracts in 2024.

Now, it seems that new deal has caused Chad Gable pause for thought as he considers life after the ring and what he could do in WWE to help the next generation of stars.

Chad Gable Wants To Be A Leader In WWE

Speaking on Cheap Heat, Chad Gable explained that he thinks he’d be a good fit in a leadership role, especially with the company looking to recruit so many athletes to NIL deals:

I’ve done some reflection. I’ve done some reflecting about what (re-signing) means for me. Not just professionally or financially, going forward, but what I want it to mean to me. I’m getting older. This business is interesting. If you would have told me in high school when I started this, that I’d be hitting my peak when I was 38, I would have said you’re crazy. How do you wrestle that long? But here we are.

When I evaluate what I want my legacy to be, or part of my legacy, I want to step in more of a leadership role going forward, locker room wise. We have a lot of young talent coming up with guys from NXT, we have guys like the Creeds [Julius Creed and Brutus Creed], who are these incredible athletes. Everyone has seen their athleticism. They haven’t necessarily had the guiding light for them to show them the other stuff and the other side. No one needs to teach them how to be strong and athletic. They have that. I couldn’t teach them that.

I think I’m the type of guy that would be good in a leadership role and I would have a lot of value. Especially to the people that WWE and NXT are interested in, which are people with sporting backgrounds and making that jump from amateur athletics with the NIL deals. I think there is a big chance for me to step into a nice leadership role and help those guys whenever I can.

Chad Gable might have new allies after the rest of Alpha Academy finally had enough of his demeaning treatment. It seems Gable could need all the help he could get as he seems to have drawn the ire of the Wyatt Sicks.

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