Chad Gable Finds New Allies On WWE Raw

Chad Gable WWE

Perhaps nobody has been more of a surprise standout star in WWE in 2024 than Chad Gable and now it seems that his next move might have been revealed.

Chad Gable started the year as an increasingly beloved WWE star as he rallied back from repeated losses to Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. However, seeing Sami Zayn win that title at WrestleMania proved to be a step too far for Gable who turned on Zayn after losing yet another title match in Zayn’s hometown of Montreal.

Since then, Gable has shown a dark, demented side as he takes out his frustrations on his Alpha Academy followers Otis, Maxxine Dupri, and Akira Tozawa. On the 18th of June edition of Raw, it seemed as if things had finally gone too far when Gable slapped Tozawa leading to Otis shoving him to the floor and walking out on him.

Alpha Academy left the arena before Chad Gable was apparently left for dead by the Wyatt Sicks who made their shock debut on the show.

Chad Gable Might Have New Help In WWE

Now on Raw in Indianapolis, things seem to have improved for Chad Gable as he defeated Braun Strowman and Bronson Reed to qualify for the men’s Money In The Bank match. However, Gable was soon confronted by Nikki Cross – part of the Wyatt Sicks – and he beat a hasty retreat to the back.

Gable found Alpha Academy and looked to make amends with the group in an attempt to have protection from the Wyatt Sicks but Otis, Dupri, and Tozawa were not interested. 3 other WWE stars, however, were as Julius Creed, Brutus Creed, and Ivy Nile all approached Chad Gable asking if he was okay.

It has been believed for some time that Chad Gable would be paired with The Creeds on WWE TV and it looks like their Diamond Mine partner Ivy Nile will also be part of that group.