WWE Star Interested In Having A Boxing Match “Soon”

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A WWE star has expressed an interest in having a boxing match some day soon.

Dana Brooke has been a part of WWE for nearly ten years after signing with the company in 2013. In 2016 she was called up to the main roster. While Brooke has yet to hold a singles Women’s Title or Women’s Tag Team Titles in WWE, she did win the 24/7 Title 15 times.

Obviously, WWE treated the 24/7 Title as something of a joke for a lot of its tenure before it was thrown in the trash by Nikki Cross in November 2022. To Brooke’s credit, she did her best to make the segments entertaining and put on good matches whenever given the chance.

Fightful Select recently spoke to Brooke, who is engaged to pro boxer/MMA Fighter Ulysses Diaz. During the interview, Brooke revealed that she has done a lot of jiu-jitsu training. Brooke also made it clear that boxing is on her “bucket list” meaning it’s something she wants to try some day. Brooke told Fightful she incorporates boxing into her training regularly and has considered taking a boxing fight “soon.”

When it comes to the 24/7 Title, Brooke was sad that the title was removed by WWE because she put her heart and soul into it while adding that she pitched several ideas for the 24/7 Title that didn’t happen.

Brooke also wanted the 24/7 Title to be considered like a Women’s Intercontinental Title as a midcard title for women in WWE to compete for. That is something that Brooke has said in the past as well.

It’s unknown if WWE would allow Brooke to have a boxing match while under contract to the company, but “never say never” in pro wrestling.