WWE Gives Biggest Indication Yet That The 24/7 Title Has Been Retired

wwe 24/7 title

If there was any indication that the 24/7 Title is dead, look no further than on WWE’s own website.

The 24/7 title was created in 2019 as a sort of PG/less-violent version of the Attitude Era’s Hardcore Championship. As it24/7 titles name implied, the 24/7 title could be won and lost anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

But it wasn’t long before the 24/7 title lost its purpose and became more of a distraction. There were many cases on WWE TV and on PPVs/PLEs where something in the ring would be happening and then the focus would shift to a brawl/chase/angle happening elsewhere in the arena.

As a result of waning fan interest, WWE has officially scrapped the title. On the November 7th episode of RAW, Nikki Cross won the title from Dana Brooke.

Shortly afterward, a backstage angle showed Nikki Cross throwing the title on the ground (there appeared to be some confusion as it looked like she was meant to toss it into a nearby garbage can).

Now WWE has given further proof that the title has been deactivated. If one visits and goes to the ‘Superstars’ section, there will be a list of champions, along with a list of titles both current and former.

On this page, Nikki Cross is not listed as a champion and under the 24/7 title it reads ‘2019-2022’, proof that the belt has been retired.

The 24/7 title has an interesting list of holders. Among the men and women to hold the title include:

  • Commentators Mike Rome and Rob Stone
  • Basketball player Enes Kanter
  • Mayor Kane/Glenn Jacobs
  • Long since retired former male and female wrestlers such as Candice Michelle, Alundra Blayze, Pat Patterson, and Gerald Brisco
  • Progressive house DJ Marshmello
  • Dana Brooke, who had 15 reigns as champion, and
  • R-Truth, who set a record for most individual championship reigns of any kind in WWE