WWE Star Only Found Out About The Draft When Triple H Announced It On Raw

Triple H introduces WWE World Title

Triple H got fans excited when he announced the return of the 2023 WWE Draft but now with the rosters set for the foreseeable future on Raw and SmackDown, one WWE star says they only found out the draft was happening when it was announced to fans.

Speaking with The Archive Of B-Sox, Natalya revealed that WWE stars were kept in the dark about the draft even happening until it was announced by Triple H:

“How I learned about it was Triple H announced it on Raw. We had no idea. We really learn about a lot of stuff in the company as you guys learn about it. To be perfectly honest, I like it that way. We get to be part of the fan excitement and things can change so fast.

“In some ways, I’d rather just know about it as it comes rather than hear about it, it gets changed, then you get your hopes up or get excited, and it doesn’t happen. It’s nice to be on the journey with fans when they hear that information as well.”

Natalya was drafted to Monday Night Raw but says since anything can happen in WWE, she’s not ruling out future appearances on SmackDown:

“It’s exciting. I got drafted from SmackDown to Raw, but that doesn’t mean that I still can’t show up on SmackDown. That’s kind of the cool part about being in WWE. You’re drafted to a certain brand, but if the storyline calls for it, you can show up on another show. It’s cool.”

While fans debate over which brand ended up with the superior roster, there is no doubt that the big loser was NXT who have lost several stars and champions to the main roster.

h/t Fightful