NXT Lose Several Champions In WWE Draft

WWE Draft Shawn Michaels Road Dogg NXT

The WWE Draft always promises to throw up surprises and the 2023 edition did not disappoint but Shawn Michaels will be left with a lot of work to do as NXT lost several of its champions to the main roster.

Selected NXT wrestlers were eligible for the 2023 WWE Draft but those who could be moved to Raw or SmackDown were not announced beforehand leaving surprises in store.

WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels – who oversees the developmental brand – and Road Dogg had the task on SmackDown of announcing the final picks for the red and blue brand on night one of the Draft. SmackDown’s final pick of the night saw the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn head to the blue brand but there was worse to come for NXT when Road Dogg announced Raw’s last pick of the night was NXT Women’s Champion Indi Hartwell.

Alba Fyre, Isla Dawn, and Indi Hartwell have only held their championships for a matter of weeks with all three women picking up gold at Stand & Deliver on WrestleMania weekend. They will officially join their new brands on the 8th of May when the Draft comes into effect. Whether or not they will lose the titles or forfeit them in the coming weeks remains to be seen.

The full results of night one of the WWE Draft can be found here.