WWE Star Doesn’t Consider Roman Reigns A Dream Opponent

Roman Reigns

One top WWE star explained why he doesn’t view Roman Reigns as one of his dream opponents.

Roman Reigns has no doubt secured his place as one of the most successful WWE Superstars of all time, and ending his record-breaking reign as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is the goal of many of his fellow wrestlers.

GUNTHER, meanwhile, is no stranger to setting records himself. Not only is he the longest-reigning NXT UK Champion in history, he currently sits at over 400 days as Intercontinental Champion, less than two months from surpassing the Honky Tonk Man as the man to hold the belt the longest in one consecutive reign.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, GUNTHER explained why he doesn’t see Roman Reigns as a dream opponent, citing their very different paths into the world of professional wrestling.

“I wouldn’t consider Roman as a dream opponent. I think we are two completely different wrestlers. He’s obviously somebody that came up through, first of all his family history, but then he got basically developed or trained in the WWE system and got brought up through that.”

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h/t WrestleTalk