WWE Star Claims Lots Of People Have Problems With CM Punk

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A top WWE star has claimed they’re far from the only person to dislike CM Punk.

CM Punk’s return to WWE should have been a fairytale, but it quickly turned into a nightmare. Just minutes into his first televised match back with the company, Punk suffered a torn triceps at the hands of Drew McIntyre.

It’s since been reported that Punk had been due to win the Elimination Chamber before heading to WrestleMania to challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Title. A position that has been filled by the Scottish star.

Ever since the Royal Rumble, McIntyre has been taking shots at Punk, leaning into his new heel-ish persona.

Appearing on WWE’s The Bump, McIntyre again took aim at Punk, claiming there are several people who don’t like him.

“I’m the only one that seems to have a problem with him because he’s been gone, he’s hurt. When he was there, there was lots of people with problems with him. But now that he’s not there, I’m the only one keeping his name alive. So that’s why.

If he was there, there’s a crap ton of people that have a problem with CM Punk, trust me. Even if they’re not saying it publicly,”

Seth Rollins Also Calls Out CM Punk

The comments from McIntyre come just days after Seth Rollins took his own jab at CM Punk.

The World Heavyweight Champion has been calling out Punk before he even made it back to WWE, and he’s not going to let the small matter of an injury get in his way. In an interview ahead of Elimination Chamber, Rollins said his rival had a fragile body, fragile mind, and fragile ego — a call back to Jon Moxley’s verbal skewering of the star in AEW.

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