WWE Star Bringing Back Old Character

WWE logo over blurred Thea Hail

WWE fans were delighted as NXT star Thea Hail finally said enough was enough to supposed friend Jacy Jayne and vowed to bring back the old her.

Thea Hail came to prominence in NXT as Chase U’s wildly enthusiastic up-and-comer. In recent months however, Hail has fallen under the influence of Jacy Jayne and as anyone who has ever been to high school can sympathise with, Hail changed to try and keep up with the cool kid.

However, Jayne has been in cahoots with Jazmyn Nyx recently leaving Thea Hail pushed aside. On the 12th of March edition of NXT, Hail was set for a tag team match but both Jayne and Nyx refused to team with her to face Kiana James and Izzi Dame.

Thea Hail Tells WWE Fans She’s Going To Be The Old Her

Hail had turned to Kelani Jordan to team with her but Jordan was the victim of a backstage attack leaving Chase U’s bright young thing to start the match alone. Fallon Henley soon joined her to even up the teams but after Jayne and NYx caused a distraction Hail lost the bout.

Afterward, Thea Hail had strong words for both Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx vowing to revert to her old self after changing to try and be like them.

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