WWE Star Breaks Silence After Sami Zayn Attack

Sami Zayn WWE

JD McDonagh is the latest WWE Superstar to comment on the series of events that took place on the August 7th episode of Raw.

Taking to social media, McDonagh quoted a picture of a beaten down Sami Zayn, shown with a swollen elbow on the broadcast. The recently called-up member of the Raw roster stated that he is looking for new people to attack on the red brand:

It’s time for some fresh blood on Monday nights.

If Sammi Zayn is legitimately injured and requires time off of TV, this will add to WWE’s worrying number of Supertsras dealing with an injury.

Why Did Sami Zayn Not Wrestle On WWE Raw?

In the opening segment of the show, Sami Zayn offered to team up with unlikely allies Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes to take on The Judgment Day trio of Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio and Finn Balor. Following the attack by McDonagh, Zayn was declared not fit to compete, and could not take part in the main event.

Just as it looked like Rollins and Rhodes would have to go it alone, Shinsuke Nakamura approached the World Heavyweight Champion, declaring himself as the replacement for Zayn.

The six-man tag team match would see Rollins, Rhodes and Nakamura look like they were about to win, but Rhea Ripley would attempt to be the difference maker. Ripley distracted the referee as Priest attempted to utilise the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Zayn would defy doctors’ orders and still make his way down to ringside to ensure a fair fight, allowing Rhodes to pin Balor and win the match.

The celebrations were cut short as Nakamura would strike Rollins after the bell. Following the attack on his former partner, Nakamura has also commented on his actions on social media.