Former WWE Star Blasts “Condescending Pr*cks” Triple H And Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels Triple H laughing

Not everyone is happy with Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

With turmoil at the top of WWE, one former Superstar had admitted they wouldn’t shed any tears if Triple H and Shawn Michaels were removed from their positions.

In January, the TKO Group added The Rock to its Board of Directors shortly before Vince McMahon was forced to resign after the Executive Chairman and WWE were implicated in a sex trafficking scandal. In a lawsuit filed by former employee Janel Grant, a number of serious allegations were made against McMahon, John Laurinitis, and others, many of whom were unnamed.

This has led to speculation that Endeavor — TKO’s parent company — could be looking to “clean house” at the top of WWE, with figures such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and even Nick Khan being removed.

Speaking on The Brand podcast, former WWE writer Vince Russo suggested that Triple H’s WWE career is done, due to heat between The Game and The Rock back in the 1990s.

Ex-WWE Superstar Stevie Richards that he’d feel little sympathy for Triple H if was fired.

“Why are we feeling sympathy for multi-millionaires? How many tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, does he have? Also, does Triple H have any sympathy for your struggles or anybody else’s or any of the people when he was a talent that he just, like, wouldn’t say yes to… I was right there and I’d seen it and I was the victim of a lot of Triple H’s politicking and condescending attitude, costing talent money or maybe even getting talent fired. And yeah, they [DX] treated Rocky like sh*t. They treated him really really bad. And now, however, many years later, it’s coming full circle.”

Richards added that Triple H and NXT boss Shawn Michaels are still the same “condescending pr*cks” they’ve always been.

“But even if Rock gets rid of Shawn [Michaels], gets rid of Hunter, they’re millionaires. They’re nobody to pity or feel sympathy for because they have all the money they could ever need for generations to come. The reason why they’re still in it is not because they love it.

It’s because of the power, the God complex over people even though they got their favorites and they’re the parental figures in NXT, these dudes are still the same guys, I’m sorry. They’re still the same condescending pri*ks that have cost a lot of people their careers. And who knows how many people have they set on a road to despair, depression, and death? They don’t feel any sympathy for them.”

The Undertaker Credits Triple H With Bringing Calm To WWE

By contrast, The Undertaker has come out in support of Triple H, praising him for the work he’s done in WWE. The Deadman said that the Chief Content Officer had brought a calm to things backstage, creating a much more chilled-out atmosphere.

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