WWE Star Agrees With Booking Criticism

Triple H WWE Raw

Booking drama hits WWE.

While WWE is arguably stronger and more popular today than it’s been in decades, it’s impossible to keep everyone on the roster happy.

Back in January, Andrade returned to the company after a two-and-a-half-year spell with AEW. The star’s time with the Tony Khan-led promotion promised much but ultimately underdelivered thanks to a combination of injury and getting lost in the company’s huge roster.

During this period, Andrade made no secret of the fact he wasn’t always too happy, and he seemed destined to return to WWE to work for the same company as his wife Charlotte Flair. However, since re-signing with the company he’s wrestled just nine times, and one of those appearances was in the Royal Rumble match.

On the May 31st episode of SmackDown Andrade was back in action defeating Apollo Crews, and after the match, he was confronted by Santos Escobar. The star then took to social media to share a photo of the moment, writing “It is not personal!”

However, it was a further comment that caught the eye. One fan questioned why WWE always seems to have Latinos fighting other Latinos, and the star replied “I wonder the same thing!!!!”

Andrade then shared a series of photos from matches before he headed back to the company with the caption “The REAL LATINO MAN, AEW CMLL AAA.”

AEW And WWE To Work Together?

While stars jumping between the two biggest companies in North America is becoming increasingly normal, what if they actually worked together? In a recent interview, AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland said there’s a better chance than ever before that the two companies could join forces.

Strickland suggested Tony Khan and Triple H weren’t as opposed to the idea as people had been previously.