WWE SmackDown Star Not Cleared To Compete


The reason why Santos Escobar did not challenge for the United States Championship has been revealed.

Escobar was due to face Austin Theory for the United States Championship on August 11th but the match did not end up taking place. Theory would attack Escobar twice in the lead-up to the match thinking he could have the night off. Instead, Rey Mysterio elected to take Escobar’s place and won the match and the title.

Escobar spoke to The Babyfaces Podcast and was asked if he would still want to go for the title now that the fellow LWO member holds the gold. Escobar said that he would, but has unfinished business with Theory to take care of:

“Absolutely, yes. We already went at it just to get an opportunity at this title. Now that he holds the title, the one thing I know for sure is that he will give me an opportunity when the time comes. I’m not ready to compete right now because of Austin Theory, and before I go for the title, I would like to repay Austin in kind,”

Continuing with the quote, Santos Escobar confirmed that he is not able to step back in the ring at the moment, but promises he will come back stronger:

“I’m not cleared to compete right now as it is, because of Austin Theory, but trust me, my mind, my heart are strong. I’m a strong willed person. I will comeback. When I comeback, I will come back full steam.”

WWE SmackDown Plans Potentially Set To Change

Rey Mysterio is currently scheduled to face Grayson Waller on the August 25th episode of WWE SmackDown in a non-title match. However, following the news the day before that Bray Wyatt tragically passed away, plans for the show are understandably up in the air.

H/t to Fightful.