WWE Set To Make Big PPV Change

WWE logo over announce desks

With TKO Holdings now officially at the helm of WWE, it would seem that changes to the Premium Live Event model could be imminent.

After months of work behind the scenes, TKO Holdings was officially formed on 12th September 2023, bringing WWE and UFC under the ownership of the same parent company.

Whilst the move has kept the company going “business as usual”, it would seem there are changing in place when it comes to the bigger spectacles the company puts on.

Cities To Bid For PLEs

In a report from Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer, it seems like there will be a big push to get cities to bid for WWE to bring their Premium Live Events to their venues.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of WWE trying to get cities to bid for at least the big shows – I mean the goal is for all 12 pay-per-view shows – but right now, I think the goal is four or five for next year, and maybe more as time goes on, as UFC is doing as well.

This has seemingly been the case for a number of events over the last 18 months. Bringing Clash At The Castle to Wales reportedly earned the company $3 million, whilst Backlash seemingly cost the Puerto Rican government $1.5 million.

One of the biggest Premium Live Events in the calendar is the Royal Rumble, which has been confirmed to take place in Tampa Bay in 2024. However, it would seem that one of the biggest names in the company isn’t listed as appearing at this stage.

With thanks to WrestleTalk for the transcription.