WWE Selling “I Won’t Make It In Jail” Dominik Mysterio Shirt Following Christmas Eve “Arrest”

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The rivalry between Dominik Mysterio and his father Rey escalated leading to WWE releasing a t-shirt about Dom’s recent “arrest” that took place recently.

Ever since Dominik Mysterio turned heel at Clash at the Castle to join The Judgment Day with Finn Balor, Damian Priest and “Mami” Rhea Ripley, his father Rey Mysterio has been extremely frustrated. Following numerous attacks by his son, Rey nearly quit WWE and instead was moved to Smackdown away from his son.

During American Thanksgiving in November, WWE posted a video of Dominik and Ripley attacking Rey Mysterio in his home.

On Christmas Eve, WWE posted a video where Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley were arrested after a family incident. Rey Mysterio got in his son’s face saying that Dominik isn’t going to do this at Rey’s parents’ house (Dominik’s grandparents). Rey got in Dominik’s face and forced him to leave the house. Dominik dared Rey to hit him. Dominik shoved Rey in the chest, Rey’s wife Angie went to slap her son, Ripley stopped it and Angie slapped Ripley in the face.

That’s when the police showed up after they were called by Rey and his family. Rey explained to the police officers what happened while Dominik and Rhea were screaming about it. Angie made it clear that Dominik shoved Rey. It also led to Rey telling the officer that this happened before at Thanksgiving when Dominik beat up Rey in his own house.

After the officers heard the story, Dominik was handcuffed and placed into a police car. Ripley was screaming about it while Dominik told Reply to call Finn (Balor) and (Damian) Priest. Ripley was screaming about how the cops arrested the wrong person. The video of the “incident” was posted all over WWE’s social media channels to further the storyline.

Following the arrest, Dominik tweeted that he was bailed out while also writing that his parents Rey and Angie should be arrested.

In a bit of a humorous follow up to the arrest angle, WWE has released a Dominik Mysterio that says: “Bail Me Out, Mami” and “I Won’t Make It In Jail.”

Ripley shared the link to the shirt on WWEShop that is available now and she simply wrote: “Wow @WWE.”

If you’re wondering, Dominik and Ripley are not really a couple. Dominik has had a girlfriend for several years while Ripley has been dating Buddy Matthews, who works for AEW after a long run in WWE as Buddy Murphy.