Rhea Ripley & Dominik Attack Rey Mysterio At Home During Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

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An interesting video was posted by WWE on Thanksgiving as Rey Mysterio was attacked in his home by his son Dominik and Rhea Ripley.

At WWE Clash at the Castle in September, Dominik Mysterio turned on his father Rey and Edge. The next night on Raw, Dominik was part of The Judgment Day group with Finn Balor, Damian Priest and Ripley. Since then, Dominik has been supported by his “new family” with teases of a relationship with Ripley where they might be more than friends.

After that, Rey was tormented by his son Dominik and the group. It would lead to Dominik attacking Rey during matches while the proud father Rey chose to never hit back against his son because Rey is a prideful man. It also led to Rey being moved to Smackdown on October 14th with the story being that Rey wanted to quit rather than deal with the emotional pain caused by his son turning on him. Instead, the storyline was that Rey was traded to Smackdown while Baron Corbin was traded to Raw.

It was Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday, November 24th, so WWE decided to shoot an angle at Rey’s home. The video was posted all over WWE’s social media channels.

The video started with Dominik and Rhea walking up to the Mysterio family home where obviously Dominik lived for many years. They knocked at the door while a camera was filming them and Rey’s wife Angie (Dominik’s mom) answered the door wondering what they were doing. Angie shut the door on them. Rey Mysterio showed up after putting a mask on, he didn’t want Dominik to be there, Rey told his son that this was not the time and then Ripley forced her way in by blocking the door from being shut.

Rey was wearing a boot on his right foot since he suffered a foot injury during his last televised match against GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Title. That match aired on Smackdown on November 4th, but it was taped one week earlier.

When Dominik and Ripley got into the house, Dominik stomped and punched his father Rey repeatedly. Rey was telling Dominik & Ripley to get out of the house. Dominik also smashed a family photo frame onto Rey.

The violence escalated there right in front of the family Christmas Tree. Ripley put her foot on Rey’s head while Dominik got a broom handle and smashed it across Rey’s right foot, which had the boot on it. Rey swore, which was beeped. Ripley wished Rey a Happy Thanksgiving and left with Dominik. Rey was checked on by his wife Angie as the scene ended there.

Some eagle-eyed observers also noticed in the background there was a photo of Rey and his wife in the background, but Rey’s face was blurred since WWE doesn’t like showing the future Hall of Famer without a mask on. The video had a runtime of 2:41 and can be seen below.

If you’re wondering, Dominik and Rhea are not actually a couple. The 25-year-old Dominik recently posted on Instagram about being with his girlfriend for 11 years while Ripley has posted on Instagram about dating AEW’s Buddy Matthews, who used to be Buddy Murphy in WWE.